Sunday, December 19, 2010

bijin-tokei~~~~~~~~ do U know =3

Sooooooo there is this thingy called "bijin-tokei"
FYI if U remember in "renai circulation" vid, which is the collab ver. that was collaborated by TheScientistVH and in the Op.~ you can C Kozue*xxxayu3 and Ikura*3wewewe3 was holding a blackboard which has No. written on it~~
they were actually showing you guys the time___bijin-tokei___ that's the concept of it~~ =D
but the one up, is kids-tokei, which is bijin-tokei but kid's ver.~! x3!!!
Waaaaaaaaaaa I want to have this watch~~~ *0*....
it says that every minute the pic. will change into another model/same model showing you the current time x3!!! soooo cool Right!?!??

*BOoooooooooF!* Sooo lets just jump,

here are the sites::


bijin tokei_english=


~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^u^ Hope This INfo was Fun~!! x3!!!
and yeah!!! if U know how to get this program/clock, pls tell me!!! x3!!!

thX ~~~!! ^.-~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

IQ test DISASTER!?!!? O.o

soooo this is my 2nd IQ test since my 1st one which is.... Um..... 6years ago??
soooo last time, I took the IQ test in Bahasa Indonesia, now, English aaaaaaaaaand!!!

before, it was 124 and noooooooooooow

IQ Test
Free-IQTest.net - IQ Test

Ahahaahha, soo cool ~~~ ^X^

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[Miku] Winter Alice [English subs]

this song resemble one of my life history + future ::

that girl >> looks like me (but diff. hair color)
the rabbit (usagi) >>> the name itself has sth to do with sm1 I know

the part when she says "snow melts" and "just like a dream" its just the way how will I put it after this incident (that I know it will happen no matter what, also my friends and the rabbit / usagi itself know)

*cries* I am just, feeling, *sob*sob*cries*, s-s-s-sad...... *cries*
*sob* why can't things keep going like this ?? *cries*

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Waaaaaaaaaa!!! >w
-TinierMe diary
search for 12enma12 ~~






O yeah!! BTW, I made a page on FB :::



and guys,
I am soooo sorry that I am not that updated on Blogger
I feel sooo wrong, I am so sorry guys......


ok andddddddddddddd

Aldi + Yara~! U guys were the 1st who said Happy B'day to me~! =D
thx~~!! thx 2 both of ya + to aaaaaaaaaaaaaall others~!!


and OMG!!! I am nearly getting to 100 subscribers... o.O!! I have never thought of having 50+ subscribers b4!!! and, OMG, this is just too cool to be true!!! but still wuv it~! =3 thAnkyouuuuuu!!!

BTW~~~ do U know ??
that in chinese tradition U have to eat looooooooong noodle + red eggs for Ur b'day~?

see, I took some pic. of red eggs up there =3

and yeah~~~~~
here is my gift For U guys :::


here is the mp3 ::


and, I am going to share some pic. of my gifts on the FB page >but only the drawings gift ^.^"...<~~
nowwwwwwwww I need to reply notifS + take shower, eat, study =3
see ya~! =3

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What are you doing ?

studying.... T^T..... + checking stuffs on Net.~ + answering Formspring ^u ^

Ask me anything

Do you love vegies ?

=3 depends On~~
but in general, I love vegies, but not all =D

Ask me anything