Monday, March 29, 2010


people, I'm sorry.....
this two coming week + today, I might can not post new Post, because I'm having my midterm now....
I'm sorry...

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I neverthought that the social quiz would be that easy!!!!
I think I'll lose 2-4 markS T.T
I regret studying from the big book!!
I should've studied from the workBook~ T.T
Anyway~ I guess the mark Will be Fine~! ^O^

Oh no!!! after tomorrow I'm going to start the mid term exam~ %.%
Study again + again + again...~

Today~ I've to memorize STh~ %.%
Yay~ I watched 4ep. of Kirarin today~!~~~
so happy~~!!

OK then~! Good night!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


dear Blog~!
I'm thinking about~
Hmm~ But what would be nice ???

^u^ HOpe I could find 1 or 1+ ~! ^O^

today~ It's ☆ ^O^
I'm so sleepy..~ thx to coffee that always keep me awake~ ^u^

OK then Huam~* NIght~! ☆☆☆☆☆ LOve U my blog☆ ^O^

Friday, March 26, 2010

After The weding~

Blog, I'm sorry I couldn't post new post yesterday & the day bfr~ so sorry~ T.T
OK~ yesterday~ Cause SBD used my laptop~ X.x
and 2 days ago ~ cause I went to my cousin wedding~ It was Lot's of fun~ ^O^
O yeah~ Today~ %.% I got to study english~ ^O^
I ate cake today~ so yummy~~!! ^O^
hMm~ I have nothing News~ so ~~
GooD night~ ^O^

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TriP~~! ^O^

Its the trip~!!! alalalalalal~
But>.... Sorry GuyS~ T.T I didn't took any pic~ cause the teacher said "MOBILES ARE NOT ALLOWED",
so I can't take any pic there T^T
so sorry... hontoni gomene!! ToT

~ ~ ~
I am so Happy~!! cause I can play a SNOW SLIDE >> eventhough is human made's snow ~.~

But~ I guess it's ok~ ^O^
Cause, I really want to see & touch a REAL snow....
But~ the fake one is also OK~!
Hachii~!! %.% I have a flu ~~ T^T and because of it... I got 2 jackets with me ;P~
And my friendS was like "Jesica, are you going to artantica or what!?!?!?!"~~ But~~! When we reach the place~~ they were like"Gosh! Jesica Ur so lucky..." ^O^
and I was like "see~ I told ou guyS that it's so cold in here..." ~ But too bad... they don't want to listen to me~ anyway~ IT's fine ~ we still had fun!! ^O^
I went for 8th on the slide~ ^O^ So AMAZING!! *o *
God~ I hope one day I could play a real SNOW SLIDE~~!^O^
I love today~! PS: when I went home, my mom cooked for me rice, fried tofu, vegie, & shrimp~ ^O^

Ok then~~ Bye~ ~ ^O^
>>GuyS, I think tomorrow I might not be-able to post a new post.. T^T hontoni gomene<<

Monday, March 22, 2010


TOday~ I only ate 3slice of cheese, a bowl of rice + noodle, 2 milk, 4small candy/.....

and Now~ I am SOsoSO hungry~ T^T
I want 2 make )cook( sth~ but~
what ?
fried rice = take time~
noodle = I ate 1 already~
& so.On~

Whuam WHuam` $.$
Today ~!!! at last!!! I could buy a MARSHMALLOW~!!!! T^T >> so happy! ^O^

after 1and1/2 yearS!!!! at last!! I could get 1 again!!!
well~ U know~ My MOm on't like Sweet that much~ :she don't like Ice-Cream & chocolate too!!:
But me~!! I loVe iT~~! ^O^
OK then~
C U tomorrow marshmalloW~! I'm going to eat U on my way 2 trip!!! hohhohohohoho!! )Wew~ I'm so mean~!!! (,,,,

Ok then
~~~ GooD ~~~ NighT ~~~ ^O^ ~~~

Sunday, March 21, 2010

YayYay !! MOther DAy~!

Happy Mother's Day!! ^O^

How is today ? what did U give Ur mom ?
^O^ Me~ I made a Small things & I think It's not that nice...
But~~ I put all my feelings In it!! & I luve U mama~! ^O^

O yeah~! & I made 2bookmarkers, 1for my friend(Jasmine, is her name, yesterday was her birthday~ ^O^ congrat's Jasmine~), the one for her is the green and black checker one, and the one with a small bow is for me~ cause I love to read Comic / Manga~ so I need a very thin things that could mark the page for me without broking the Manga/Comic.

ANd U see the burger ? I made it last year for my English Project~ ^u^

Hmm~ Today~ I tried again to make Ice-cream~ but,.... It didn't work again~ %.%
and~ I made Jelly (but it taste so plain... X.x)
I made Noodles (but I couldn't Finish it, it was a full big bowl~ #.# But It's delicious~! ^O^)
Yeah~! the last experiment was~~ THE MICROWAVED SLIDE CHEESE~!
It was so crispy!! I put a slice in for 45 minutes, and when I took it out ~!! Wow! soSo crispy~! & I ate it with tomato Sauce~! ^O^

~~~ I have a Math quiz Tomorrow~ But I think It's easy~! ^O^ (God Bless me~!)

OK then~ good night~!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


GUys~! TO day I had my biology Quiz~!! It was Kind OF hard~! T^T I think... I'll lost 3 mark~ %/%

Oh yWah~!
TomoRrow I don't have a ny QUiz~! ^O^ So I'm FREE~! ^O^
BUt I have 3 HW~ (Phew~GOod only 3~ ^u^)

and~ At night~~ I was thinking of Ice=Cream~~ So..... I Decided to make 1~ ^O^
But... because I shake it to hard,,,,, everything got spoiled.... %.%
Well~ ANyway I had fun` ^O^

OK~! C U guys TOmorrow~! ^O^ Good NIght~!
PS: my uncle & Aunt came from U.S.A yesterday~ ^O^

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday~ ^O^

Well~ TOday Is not that boring not that fun~
well I guess because I feel lonely ~ ?
Hmph~ I am SO tireD~ T^T
BEcause I have 3 Homework~
And I'll have A BioloGY quiz After TomOrrow ?
HRU my blog ?
don't feel lonely like me too OK~! ^O^

I will always smile to make you smile too~! ^O^
GoddNight~! ^O^

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whew~~ At last!! I have 2days free From sChool~! How HAppy~! ^O^
But~ I've got lots of H.W from teachers ~ X.X
And~ I'll Have a BiioLOgy Qiuz~ T^T
God~ I hope That This weekend will Be Fun~! ^O^
Today I'm watching Ep.41 for FULL MOON WO SAGASHITE~
I can't wait to finish it!!
Well~ C U guys TOmorRow~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FriEd RIce~!

YaY~!! Today I had FRIED RICE for My Lunch at school~!! So Yummy~!
Hmm~ My IEE quiz that supposed to be today got POstPoned~ %.%
TomoRrow I'll have 2 QuiZzes~ T^T
IEE + PhySics~
FuoFUoFUO~ I hope I'll do it Well~!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hmm~ I ate VOn Crackers Yesterday~~ ^O^
They R so Small & I think Its Cute~~!! ^O^
Yeah~~ Sorry~ T^T I post about it late~ T^T
Because I didn't find out the way to put new entry yesterday~ T^T
Today I'm SO tired~ I have 4QuiZzes After Each Other~
O0o Gr.7 is a HardTime~

BUt Its also Fun~ >litTle<~

Saturday, March 13, 2010

nice to meet you all

well, I am bored here,
I wanted to talk to anyone that wanted to hear my story...
thankyou~ ^O^