Friday, April 24, 2015

DAISO :D!!! |23-4-2015| Dubai #Day1

Hey guys :D!

Today, I woke-up @morning and I went walking for like 2hr.s around J.B.R. xD !
Because it was pretty hot, my lil' sist. & I decided to stop by to get some cold stuff~

On our way, we saw this "bajaj" like thingy that sells gelato ~
So we got some gelato to cool ourselves LOLOL

Today lil' sist. & I went to "Dubai Outlet" + "Ibn Batuta Mall" O0O/~

We went to Dubai Outlet because we were hoping we could find some nice running shoes w/out having to spend 500AED LOL
But we didn't like any of the stuff that we found ORZ
So we decide to just get ourselves a pair of Converse **later, when we'll get the chance*.

After spending a few hr. @Dubai_Outlet, le sist. & I went to Ibn Batuta Mall ~
We went there because they have DAISO  there *.*!!!

**Daiso is a Japanese minimarket/supermarket sorta thing*

The system is like this @Daiso:
Everything with no price attached =  7AED **this is like around US$2 / Rp.21.000,00*
We spend approx. 3hr.s there **or maybe more LOL*
We bought lots of stuff from there #sorta.

Today, we had dinner at "Real Madrid Cafe".
I had Churros, Cream Brulee, and coffee chacalaka??? **#sth.alongthatline **I forgot what's the drink is called OTL*

Their Churros is nice, and so is that chakalaka drink I had 'u'/
But their Creme Brulee... is not really nice #IMO **yes the sweet crunchy texture on top is good, but the creme under it was too thick*.

*whispers* I want to go back to DAISO T3T

Dubai #arrival |22-4-15|

I arrived at Dubai's international airport around 6PM **local time*.

This time, once again, I'll be staying at J.B.R.'s area **but @ diff. apartment*.

Because it was late by the time we settled our stuff @ apartment, we had our dinner @"Zaatar w Zeit" **I got this "labneh" bread thing and a salad **a mix of Quinoa + Tabouleh*.

PS: I packed my stuff today LOL **never procrastinate + pack @ last mt.!!!*

Thursday, March 5, 2015

5 - 3 - 15 #Thursday

I spent the beginning of today watching "Parasyte" **anime*~
And like, thus, I ended-up sleeping by dawn LOL

Yesterday at school I planned to not go for school today, but then thing happened and I changed my mind, so I decided to go to school. **I'm glad I didn't ditch school today !!!*

I woke-up at 7AM!!! **Class starts at 6:30AM >~<"!*
I thought it was 6AM, but not until my maid started shouting back at me when I shouted "IT'S 6AM" to her.
^this was when I realized that I AM LATE.

So well, Chemistry was the first period, and by the time I reached class it was almost over LOL.
2nd period was Bio., but the teacher came a bit late and she left before the class ended too xD

Then it was the so called "zero period", THE MATH. TEACHER TOOK IT **but I don't take Math. so well it doesn't make that big of a diff. for me**but uh I couldn't speak because she was explaining and she'd shout whenever I started chatting with Sky **Sky doesn't take Math. too*

The class installed games on to the class' computer LOL !
So like, during breaks, we were playing horror games **and some other game LMBO*

It was nice~

I forgot to return Sky's lunch box and forks *facepalm**I've been holding on to this for like a few days now askhdashdjkskda*

I was supposed to go out to like shop etc., but then after school I zzz-ed instead ORZ


Note that I planned to go to like, 4different stores at diff. places !
 I WAS RUNNING OUT OF TIME **stores will start closing like from 10PM or some like, from 9PM even!*

Luckily though, somehow in the few hr.s left before closing, I managed to go to all those places I planned to visit PLUS I even went to like some other stores LOL XD



#FINALLY *dance*

Now I can experiment making my own toner  for like hair #bleach .


 I spent the night watching "100 Food Journey" w/ le cousins ~
But then some zzz-ed and some already left, so I had to finish the movie alone. **I finished it**it was a nice movie ~*nod*


Oh, the elementary students had this "English Carnival" kinda thingy earlier at school.
I, Sky, and IlSu went and we participated in the activities, etc.
WE GOT MARSHAMALLOWS OHOHHOHO 8'D **Sky and I got bracelets too ^w^/~! *


Sky got this Kellog's shaped cereals **but smaller in size* that were coloured like Fruit Loops to school 'q'
IT TASTES YUM~~!!! *q*
**I think I just found a new fav. cereal!!!**I need to get this >q<!!!*

I'm gonna go experiment some thingy @ le hair now before I zzz~
**also continue "Parasyte" ofc.. 8'D!!!*


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Le 17th Birthday ~! #363DaysLatePost

Photographed by le moirail 'w'~! **Thank you Sky for le pic.~!*

So ~
12.12.13 was le 17th Birthday xD
**and like, in a few days it's gonna be my 18th birthday *facepalm**why do I procrastinate like too much *throws brick*

~~~~~~~~~>Going back in time to 12.12.13:

Cuz it's le birthday~ Today I bought pizzas to le school  **I made'em yesterday #11.12.13*
I came late to school though ORZ
but then once I entered the class le friends were like saying "Happy Birthday"~! to me like one after another ///;////u///;// **I got a lot of gifts too*cries rainbow*

Also, le class threw me a birthday party and like they got food too ///T////w//T///
\\\this is like the 1st time ever for me to have like a surprise birthday party *hicks*\\\//Thank you so much you guys *hugs everyone from le class*///

during the pizza nom nom moment **we ate the pizza while doing le Bio. quiz LOL!*, my leg kinda froze though >~<" !
Like, I couldn't move it and as a result the whole class panicked OTL **sorry for making you guys worry*facepalm*


then it was home time ~! :D!
Le moirail **Skylar* and I went home together 8'D ~!

And we spent le whole day doing cosplay props #Homestuck  #Horns #Shirt

We painted the horns, and the T-shirts and we spent le evening on le net cosplaying xD
I did Aradia and she did Vriska ^w^ ~

**In the midst of our cosplay props DIY we stopped for a break + I had to like cut the cake and blow the candle *roll*

In the middle of le busy crafting, le cousin **Eonni* dropped by to wish me a "Happy Birthday" and to drop a cake and le gift hwhw **Eonni thank you ~ *huggies**my lil' sist. made me a cake too by the way ///;////u//;///!!! and she was there too when I did the cake thingy #candle **also le Dad and some of le other cousins**Mom was busy though >~<" plus she wasn't even at le same country at that time **but she wished me happy birthday through le phone :) !*

I made yakisoba for like lunch+dinner **for Sky and I* but we kinda ate too much cake so well, we had it for supper xD **but Sky had to leave before it was supper because it was getting late so I packed le food as take-away for her LOL *

///;///3///;// well, the day went super fast hw....
 But le 17th birthday was indeed the best birthday I ever celebrated *hug everyone*

Thank you to everybody who wished me "Happy Birthday" ~! *bow*
And thank you also to everyone who gave me gifts and like spent time with me  *hug y'all* ~!
~~~~~~>Back to future #10.12.14
Sorry it took me like, 2days away from one whole year  to like post about this OTL

Here have some more pic.s XD~!


Thank you for spending le time w/me @leBirthday **sorry we never to go to the museum*
~Le gifts ///;////u///;/// ~ **Thank you guys!*

~my birthday cake~
**the whipped cream are supposed to be PinkXBlack cuz *lift&drop eyebrows* #OTP*
**Cheesecake Factory doesn't have colored whipped cream OTL*
**at least it's blueberryXstrawberry*

took some Yakisoba to school too
**for Sky & I*
**but le eggs are for me only #Mom'sCulture #Birthday*
**I explained this egg thingy @ one of my birthday  post from like a few years ago #Ithink*
~Lil' Sist. made this for me~

Monday, October 7, 2013

夜行線上のフライト / Yakou Senjou no FURAITO / Night Line Flight - Lyrics (Japanese & Romaji)

黒猫が 手招いた 引かれる手

白んでいく 暗闇と
透けていく 白い花

フワリ 月明かりのあったかい夜
狭まる景色 うたかた
落ちる 甘い罠を知る

内緒だって 囁いて 一つに結んだ手
肢体這う 感触なら 今も疼いてるよ
二律背反 泣かないでおくれよ ねえシスター
ああ 零れてく

昨日見た 夢だっけ
思い出は 無くなって

ユメハルカ ソレヨシヤ

沈む 溺れてく二人

内緒だって つぶやいて 一つに重ねた手
お願いって 刹那だけ 切り取る夜明けまで
迷子なら 教えておくれよ ねえナタリー
ああ 2人きり 

ひらり また ひらりと
ああ 白い花

内緒だって 囁いて 一つに結んだ手
肢体這う 感触なら 答えは見えてるよ
二律背反 泣かないでおくれよ ねえシスター
ああ 零れてく

好きだよって つぶやいて 踏み出した二人を
月がそっと 照らしていた 顔色も変えずに
ありがとうって 泣かないでおくれよ ねえシスター
ああ 終わりゆく

kocchi oide
kuro neko ga te maneita hikareru-te
daremoshiranai tsuki no ura
shirande iku kurayami to
sukete iku shiroi hana
asa wa wasuremono ni naru

yasashiku daka reta kata
fuwari tsukiakari no attakai yoru
sebamaru keshiki utakata
ochiru amai wana wo shiru

naisho datte sasayaite ni musunda te
shitai hau kanshokunara ima mo uzui teru yo
niritsuhaihan nakanaide okure yo nee SHISUTA
aa koborete ku

kinou mita yumedakke
omoide wa nakunatte
barabara ni kuzureru hibi
hashitanai to nonoshitte
sanzan to omoishitte
yumeharuka soreyoshiya
ibara no torikago

getsukouyoku ni tsukaru hana
doku to kidzuite ita kuchibiru atsuku
kurikaesu me to me no koe
shizumu oborete ku futari

naisho datte tsubuyaite hitotsu ni kasaneta te
onegai tte setsuna dake kiritoru yoakemade
maigonara oshiete okure yo nee NATARI
aa futari kiri

hana uranainara
uso demo kirai ni shite to
hirari mata hirari to
chiri yuku hanabira wa
aa shiroi hana

naisho datte sasayaite hitotsu ni musunda te
shitai hau kanshokunara kotae wa mie teru yo
niritsuhaihan nakanaide okure yo nee SHISUTA
aa koborete ku

sukidayo tte tsubuyaite fumidashita futari wo
tsuki ga sotto terashite ita kaoiro mo kaezu ni
arigatou tte nakanaide yo nee SHISUTA
aa owari yuku


so receently I just found this song //*//q//*///
I can't believe there's no romaji lyrics for it! 
thus, I decided to type it by myself *^*! **aaah~ such a beautiful song //T//u//T//~!


Source of Romaji lyric :
me with le help of le brain and google translate **to read the kanji~* 8'D~ 

Monday, August 5, 2013


Yoohooo~~~ (*≧∀≦*)~~

This summer, I'll be spending le last moments of  it in......
Guess where 8'D??

MALAYSIA~ (≧∇≦)/~~~ ehhhhe~

ATM I'm at KL **Kuala Lumpur~* ^0^/

I arrived here at.midnight yesterday.o0o/

It took around 1-2hours to reach here by plane from Jakarta~  ^u^

Thursday, July 4, 2013

There are so many foreigner this year at Jakarta ヾ(^ิ∀^ิ)♪♪!!

So recently, everytime I go out I've been meeting more and.MORE foreigner (*˘︶˘*).。.:*
I'm so happy to know that more.people now.demand. Indonesia Rupiah (*^ิ艸^ิ*) **cuz this will increase le currency's value *mwahahahah*slap*

Okay, setting the chit chat aside xD **if.you wanna chit chat, just mention me.on.twitter.@12enma12 ^.-~*

So, I think last weekend o0o?? I Went to GI **Grand Indonesia*. to watch Monster University, but then in.the blitzcard counter**I went there to ask about the blitzcard's number cuz I.just got.a blitzcard on.that day xD* there was 2dudes they were.like :
"Minum minum" **they were talking to the only staff sitting in.the counter*  they went on.like that for.like 5minutes I.think?? And.the staff lady went "huh?" For more than s.couple of.times (・0・)....

thus, since MU was gonna syart like real.soon and.I.NEED.to know what's my blitzcard number**yea I know.that I'm.SO SILLY!!. (;๏д๏) the number is written on.the card!!! I SAW IT but.I didn't even notice that those digits were.meant to.be the card's.number (´•x•`๑) *
okay, so I decided to help the 2dudes by.translating 'u'/
And yea, they found what they were.looking for.(⌒▽⌒)/
And then. I heard one of.the dude.went
Those dudes.turn.out.to be Japanese.( ⓥωⓥ)!!!! I was so. shocked !!


Oh, and again (≧∇≦)/
today I.met.another.Japanese **yesterday Imet 2western people**yea.and.going.backward,.I. did meet a LOT of.foreigner no.matter.where.I.went.to.( ⓥωⓥ)♪!!*

Yes, I am happy (≧∇≦)b
Cuz this year.more foreigners.decide to.pay a visit to Jakarta ♪

I hope things will get.better.so.Indonesia's economy condition will improve and.thus the.country's services &etc. Will become better♪(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ 

Thank You tourists for visiting Indonesia ♪^u^~~