Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Le 17th Birthday ~! #363DaysLatePost

Photographed by le moirail 'w'~! **Thank you Sky for le pic.~!*

So ~
12.12.13 was le 17th Birthday xD
**and like, in a few days it's gonna be my 18th birthday *facepalm**why do I procrastinate like too much *throws brick*

~~~~~~~~~>Going back in time to 12.12.13:

Cuz it's le birthday~ Today I bought pizzas to le school  **I made'em yesterday #11.12.13*
I came late to school though ORZ
but then once I entered the class le friends were like saying "Happy Birthday"~! to me like one after another ///;////u///;// **I got a lot of gifts too*cries rainbow*

Also, le class threw me a birthday party and like they got food too ///T////w//T///
\\\this is like the 1st time ever for me to have like a surprise birthday party *hicks*\\\//Thank you so much you guys *hugs everyone from le class*///

during the pizza nom nom moment **we ate the pizza while doing le Bio. quiz LOL!*, my leg kinda froze though >~<" !
Like, I couldn't move it and as a result the whole class panicked OTL **sorry for making you guys worry*facepalm*


then it was home time ~! :D!
Le moirail **Skylar* and I went home together 8'D ~!

And we spent le whole day doing cosplay props #Homestuck  #Horns #Shirt

We painted the horns, and the T-shirts and we spent le evening on le net cosplaying xD
I did Aradia and she did Vriska ^w^ ~

**In the midst of our cosplay props DIY we stopped for a break + I had to like cut the cake and blow the candle *roll*

In the middle of le busy crafting, le cousin **Eonni* dropped by to wish me a "Happy Birthday" and to drop a cake and le gift hwhw **Eonni thank you ~ *huggies**my lil' sist. made me a cake too by the way ///;////u//;///!!! and she was there too when I did the cake thingy #candle **also le Dad and some of le other cousins**Mom was busy though >~<" plus she wasn't even at le same country at that time **but she wished me happy birthday through le phone :) !*

I made yakisoba for like lunch+dinner **for Sky and I* but we kinda ate too much cake so well, we had it for supper xD **but Sky had to leave before it was supper because it was getting late so I packed le food as take-away for her LOL *

///;///3///;// well, the day went super fast hw....
 But le 17th birthday was indeed the best birthday I ever celebrated *hug everyone*

Thank you to everybody who wished me "Happy Birthday" ~! *bow*
And thank you also to everyone who gave me gifts and like spent time with me  *hug y'all* ~!
~~~~~~>Back to future #10.12.14
Sorry it took me like, 2days away from one whole year  to like post about this OTL

Here have some more pic.s XD~!


Thank you for spending le time w/me @leBirthday **sorry we never to go to the museum*
~Le gifts ///;////u///;/// ~ **Thank you guys!*

~my birthday cake~
**the whipped cream are supposed to be PinkXBlack cuz *lift&drop eyebrows* #OTP*
**Cheesecake Factory doesn't have colored whipped cream OTL*
**at least it's blueberryXstrawberry*

took some Yakisoba to school too
**for Sky & I*
**but le eggs are for me only #Mom'sCulture #Birthday*
**I explained this egg thingy @ one of my birthday  post from like a few years ago #Ithink*
~Lil' Sist. made this for me~