Friday, November 4, 2011

Went to my cousin home~

I went to my cousin home o0o
and there were two of her friends there O.O! they are twins >w<~
LOLOL~ I ended up not calling either of them by name since IDK which is who OTL
I ate burger king today OTL
I feel like bursting... I am really full OTL
when will I finish all the materials for the exam ;3;~ ??

Right now I am watching.......
~Hanasaku Iroha ep. 17
~Gintama ep. 7
~Sekai Ichi Hatsu Koi ep. 2
~Asobi ni Iku Yo! ep. 7
~GoSick ep. 11
~Letter Bee ep. 2
~Idolm@ster ep. 1

and later on I might start watching :
~Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
~Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
~KimiKiss Pure Rouge

What are you looking forward to?

Meeting Len one day TToTT....

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


long time no post OTL OTL
It has been almost 2 monthes since summer vacation ended
and now I am a 9th-grader ;o;...
I currently am taking IGCSE and it's such a paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain
everyday we'll have quiz quiz quiz OTL
an after 2 weeks my exam will start ;3;~
I have 10subjects for the internal exam at schol o0o...
and I have finished only 1 so far ;w;...

PECHYU!! **ok.. this suppose to be a sound of .... uw... flying away xD??*

*cough* now... let's talk about anime 8'D
I am currently watching....


Asobi ni Iku yo!

Hanasaku Iroha **The color of blooming*


Letter Bee **Tegami Bachi*

I think that much =3

Monday, October 24, 2011

You guys =3 can you help me pls?? I am planning on dubbing "Karakuri Pierrot" in Japanese&English but for the BG music, which would be the best**for each of them* ? original= /watch?v=YwoiIi5dsHg piano= /watch?v=P6fVC3NukpY music box= /watch?v=_RgO2gKE-9I

You guys =3can you help me pls??I am planning on dubbing "Karakuri Pierrot" in Japanese&Englishbut for the BG music, which would be the best**for each of them* ?original= /watch?v=YwoiIi5dsHgpiano= /watch?v=P6fVC3NukpYmusic box= /watch?v=_RgO2gKE-9I

Answer here

Friday, June 10, 2011

ano gagawin mo pag yung bestfriend mo ay may bago nang kaibigan? nabalewala ka at hindi na sau ang atention niya.

私はそれらすべて> W未満が大好き!
ListenRead phonetically
E eto.... Watashi no sukina ​​ anime..... Osoraku? ? Soretomo.... > < 0! Watashi ga shiranai.... Watashi wa sorera subete > W-miman ga daisuki! Anata wa?

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だって・・・・いいアニメはあるがいっぱいだから O3O~~
あなたのすきなアニメはなに ^u^?

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have 100SUBS!!!

So, yesterday morning,
I was on Skype, and was chatting with bobobobobobobo091 ~~
and my status was "99Subs!!"
okay, then,
after few minutes after I updated my status.....
"you have 100subscribers"bobobobobobobo091 said.
I was like, "O.O?? I'm sorry?"
bobobobobobobo091, "check your channel".
me, "BRB".

~~~~~~~~so then I went and check my channel and it was about 1AM,
and I was like OMG!!!!! 100!!! 100!!! >0~~~~~~Okay, and the 100th subscriber iiiiiis~~!!
Thank You for making me shock at midnight LOL xD!!!
and thank you for subscribing me *hug all my subscribers*


O3O~~ my first english dub I blv O3O~~


and yes, I know,
I added to many effects *SHOT*

Friday, March 4, 2011

is there anything you do every day without fail?

Eating~! ^0^~~~!

I always finish them ~! *w*!!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

OMG!!!! long time no seeeeee!!!

I miss you TTOTT....
M'laptop is still sick so I can't g0 in and out the blog as easy as usual...
Soooo many things happened!!!
And, to мαкє everything simpler, I'll just g0 to the main topic~♥


**for anyone who knows how to use NICO NICO DOUGA; how to watch LIVE video on NICO NICO DOUGA I meant, please PM back*

"The MikuPa Live concert is all sold out, however for those of you that can’t go to Tokyo to watch it in person, can watch it live at home on your own PC! The concert will be aired live on NicoNico Douga, however you will have to pay 2000 NicoNico points to be able to watch it. The concert is on March 9, 2011 and starts at 19:00 (Japan Time). The live link is here. If you do not have any Nico points, you will be able to watch some parts of the concert for free. Note that in order to obtain NicoNico Points, you need a credit card issued in Japan to purchase them.
Edit: I have heard that if you sign up for “Verified by Visa” or the Mastercard equivalent of it, your credit card will work on NicoNico even if you do not live in Japan. I don’t know if this works, or how to elaborate on it, but it is supposed to work."


Link on where to watch the live concert ::

This info was found on : Vocaloidism

**Scroll down for the time info*

Pleaaaaaase!! anyone who knows how to read and undertsood Japanese!!
and for those who knows NICO NICO DOUGA!!! PLLLLLEASE!! do PM back!

Japan - 19:00 (7PM)
Phillipine - 18:00 (6PM)
Malaysia - 18:00 (6PM)
Indonesia - 17:00 (5PM)
Singapore - 16:00 / 16:30 (4PM / 4.30PM)
Kuwait/Riyadh/Dubai - 13:00 (1PM)
German - 11:00 (11AM)
U.S - 05:00 (5AM)
________PLease do CHECK them, I just try to figure few countries' times by my own knowledge and I 100% recommend you to re-check it! since I can't assure you are they right / wrong!!_________


**PLease do forward this message to VOCALOID fans~! with credit back to the group =3* Thankyou~! + Enjoy ^.-~

Link for the group :

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Is almost valentineeeeeeeeee~~~!

Do you have someone in particular at the moment?

OwO ???

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Do you know Beckii ?

Beckii... Beckii Cruel you mean ? <<if so, then yes ^u^

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Where do you live?

Somewhere...... 8D

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do you hate me?

LOL xD!!!!
I don't even know who are you ^.^"

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sup howd u survive the holidays. got a a New Years resolution?

I was working on sth for m'friend in the prev. holiday, and I was checking my accountssss LOL~
Hm... let's see...
I think is "I'll do better" for 2011 ?.? <<LOL~ not sure did I get U right / wrong... >A<!!!

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Happy 2011th Year! :D

Thankyouuu~~! and sorry for late respond >A<!!!
Happy new year to you too~!

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do you love partying ?

depends on ;P

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where r u from?

Indonesia~ =D

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why are you so in love with anime!??!

=3 because is the only way for me to relieve my stress ^u^
and is fun to watch **though I know pPl thing is childish~_but I love it~* and cuz since I know is not real, then, I won't be that sad over anything that happens in it 8D <<compared to if I watch that thing happens in drama...... I would feel waaaaaaaaaay sadder by knowing that, that was possible for the thing to happen =3
you can't get the second point don't ya ???
I am not that good with putting things into words.... ^.^"... sorry.....

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