Sunday, February 27, 2011

OMG!!!! long time no seeeeee!!!

I miss you TTOTT....
M'laptop is still sick so I can't g0 in and out the blog as easy as usual...
Soooo many things happened!!!
And, to мαкє everything simpler, I'll just g0 to the main topic~♥


**for anyone who knows how to use NICO NICO DOUGA; how to watch LIVE video on NICO NICO DOUGA I meant, please PM back*

"The MikuPa Live concert is all sold out, however for those of you that can’t go to Tokyo to watch it in person, can watch it live at home on your own PC! The concert will be aired live on NicoNico Douga, however you will have to pay 2000 NicoNico points to be able to watch it. The concert is on March 9, 2011 and starts at 19:00 (Japan Time). The live link is here. If you do not have any Nico points, you will be able to watch some parts of the concert for free. Note that in order to obtain NicoNico Points, you need a credit card issued in Japan to purchase them.
Edit: I have heard that if you sign up for “Verified by Visa” or the Mastercard equivalent of it, your credit card will work on NicoNico even if you do not live in Japan. I don’t know if this works, or how to elaborate on it, but it is supposed to work."


Link on where to watch the live concert ::

This info was found on : Vocaloidism

**Scroll down for the time info*

Pleaaaaaase!! anyone who knows how to read and undertsood Japanese!!
and for those who knows NICO NICO DOUGA!!! PLLLLLEASE!! do PM back!

Japan - 19:00 (7PM)
Phillipine - 18:00 (6PM)
Malaysia - 18:00 (6PM)
Indonesia - 17:00 (5PM)
Singapore - 16:00 / 16:30 (4PM / 4.30PM)
Kuwait/Riyadh/Dubai - 13:00 (1PM)
German - 11:00 (11AM)
U.S - 05:00 (5AM)
________PLease do CHECK them, I just try to figure few countries' times by my own knowledge and I 100% recommend you to re-check it! since I can't assure you are they right / wrong!!_________


**PLease do forward this message to VOCALOID fans~! with credit back to the group =3* Thankyou~! + Enjoy ^.-~

Link for the group :

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