Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello" ^u^

It was....
cotto ironna... ~.~
It was Fun ^u^ (well, Cotto ;P)
And Yeah~!
At last I can touch my laptop again!!! ^O^
Cause yesterday I can't even See my laptop....
Because I left early~~~
^u^ ''

Whuam... Whuam...

I think It's bedTime~ %.%

Oh jeez!!!
Mattaku!!!!! !O!

I forgot my HW...
Oh no...!!!
School almost star again.... ~.~
Taihen Taihen %.% (Big Problem, Big Problem)

OK then....~
^u^ Good NIght~! ^O^

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Aisu-kerim (read in Romaji)

I don't have much things 2 talk 2day T^T
& I felt soo Dissapointed on 2Ppls...
Bcs those2 broke their promise T^T
I"m so sad T^T

OK let's erase those Bad News~ ^u^
GUess Wt ?!??!??!

I ate 3Ice-Cream 2day~ %.%
Wkwkwkwkkw~ LOL~
I wonder HOw Many KJ }KiloJoules{ it GIves~
and howmany KG }KiloGrams{ I'll gain~~! >O<~!
2morrow I might not Able (be-able ??) 2 put New Post... %.%
I'm goin' 2 my cousin's Farm...
I hope It won't be another BOring Day~ %.%
I hope 2morrow will be fun ^O^
IkiMasu~~ ^u^
Ja ne~ ^.- ~~ 6u6

Friday, April 16, 2010


TOday It's supper boring....
I've got to eat Fried Rice~!
How Yummy~!
I love it~!! ^O^

(the laptop can't accept te pic from my Mobile, Dut no Y T^T, I'll attach it as soon as it fixed ok~ ^O^)

OK then~
C U~ ^u^

Thursday, April 15, 2010


HI~!! ^O^
HRU today ???
U know ???
I really Can't wait 4Sunday~~
And...~ It's a HIMITSU~ ;p
I'm watching Shugo Chara & Ashita no Nadja ^u^
and also Hana Kimi ^O^
I really can't wait 4Sunday~~!! ^O^
and I don't want this vacation to end ~.~
I'm tired + Fade up from Studying... T^T
It was my dream and it won't ever come true %.%
BUt don't get bother with it OK~ ^u^
Ok then~
OyasumInasay Mina-san~! ^O^

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yay~!!! ^O^

Gomene mina-san,
I wasn't able toPost anything new since 2weeks Ago T^T
It's Because, I was having my exam ~.~
BUt NOw~~ ^u^
I've finished my Exam~~!! ^O^
So, I hope that now I could beable to post everything new everyday~~!!

^u^ Here is the News~!!!!

Today~~ Is the MOST AMAZING DAY !!!!! *O *
Because~ I just finished the exam yesterday, and today only 9 STUDENTS CAME FROM THE TOTAL OF 75!!!!!! !o!

(I was One of them~ ^u^)
we don't study anything!!!
Only We write few notes on the Physics CopyBook~!!!
Today It is The BEST DAY EVER!!!!!

1More~! GUess What ???
After the school I go to my friend home, and there was also my friends there~~!! ^u^

I Love Today~~!! ^u^

C U 2moRrow~ ^.- ~~