Friday, April 24, 2015

DAISO :D!!! |23-4-2015| Dubai #Day1

Hey guys :D!

Today, I woke-up @morning and I went walking for like 2hr.s around J.B.R. xD !
Because it was pretty hot, my lil' sist. & I decided to stop by to get some cold stuff~

On our way, we saw this "bajaj" like thingy that sells gelato ~
So we got some gelato to cool ourselves LOLOL

Today lil' sist. & I went to "Dubai Outlet" + "Ibn Batuta Mall" O0O/~

We went to Dubai Outlet because we were hoping we could find some nice running shoes w/out having to spend 500AED LOL
But we didn't like any of the stuff that we found ORZ
So we decide to just get ourselves a pair of Converse **later, when we'll get the chance*.

After spending a few hr. @Dubai_Outlet, le sist. & I went to Ibn Batuta Mall ~
We went there because they have DAISO  there *.*!!!

**Daiso is a Japanese minimarket/supermarket sorta thing*

The system is like this @Daiso:
Everything with no price attached =  7AED **this is like around US$2 / Rp.21.000,00*
We spend approx. 3hr.s there **or maybe more LOL*
We bought lots of stuff from there #sorta.

Today, we had dinner at "Real Madrid Cafe".
I had Churros, Cream Brulee, and coffee chacalaka??? **#sth.alongthatline **I forgot what's the drink is called OTL*

Their Churros is nice, and so is that chakalaka drink I had 'u'/
But their Creme Brulee... is not really nice #IMO **yes the sweet crunchy texture on top is good, but the creme under it was too thick*.

*whispers* I want to go back to DAISO T3T

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