Saturday, March 20, 2010


GUys~! TO day I had my biology Quiz~!! It was Kind OF hard~! T^T I think... I'll lost 3 mark~ %/%

Oh yWah~!
TomoRrow I don't have a ny QUiz~! ^O^ So I'm FREE~! ^O^
BUt I have 3 HW~ (Phew~GOod only 3~ ^u^)

and~ At night~~ I was thinking of Ice=Cream~~ So..... I Decided to make 1~ ^O^
But... because I shake it to hard,,,,, everything got spoiled.... %.%
Well~ ANyway I had fun` ^O^

OK~! C U guys TOmorrow~! ^O^ Good NIght~!
PS: my uncle & Aunt came from U.S.A yesterday~ ^O^

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