Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TriP~~! ^O^

Its the trip~!!! alalalalalal~
But>.... Sorry GuyS~ T.T I didn't took any pic~ cause the teacher said "MOBILES ARE NOT ALLOWED",
so I can't take any pic there T^T
so sorry... hontoni gomene!! ToT

~ ~ ~
I am so Happy~!! cause I can play a SNOW SLIDE >> eventhough is human made's snow ~.~

But~ I guess it's ok~ ^O^
Cause, I really want to see & touch a REAL snow....
But~ the fake one is also OK~!
Hachii~!! %.% I have a flu ~~ T^T and because of it... I got 2 jackets with me ;P~
And my friendS was like "Jesica, are you going to artantica or what!?!?!?!"~~ But~~! When we reach the place~~ they were like"Gosh! Jesica Ur so lucky..." ^O^
and I was like "see~ I told ou guyS that it's so cold in here..." ~ But too bad... they don't want to listen to me~ anyway~ IT's fine ~ we still had fun!! ^O^
I went for 8th on the slide~ ^O^ So AMAZING!! *o *
God~ I hope one day I could play a real SNOW SLIDE~~!^O^
I love today~! PS: when I went home, my mom cooked for me rice, fried tofu, vegie, & shrimp~ ^O^

Ok then~~ Bye~ ~ ^O^
>>GuyS, I think tomorrow I might not be-able to post a new post.. T^T hontoni gomene<<

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