Monday, March 22, 2010


TOday~ I only ate 3slice of cheese, a bowl of rice + noodle, 2 milk, 4small candy/.....

and Now~ I am SOsoSO hungry~ T^T
I want 2 make )cook( sth~ but~
what ?
fried rice = take time~
noodle = I ate 1 already~
& so.On~

Whuam WHuam` $.$
Today ~!!! at last!!! I could buy a MARSHMALLOW~!!!! T^T >> so happy! ^O^

after 1and1/2 yearS!!!! at last!! I could get 1 again!!!
well~ U know~ My MOm on't like Sweet that much~ :she don't like Ice-Cream & chocolate too!!:
But me~!! I loVe iT~~! ^O^
OK then~
C U tomorrow marshmalloW~! I'm going to eat U on my way 2 trip!!! hohhohohohoho!! )Wew~ I'm so mean~!!! (,,,,

Ok then
~~~ GooD ~~~ NighT ~~~ ^O^ ~~~

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