Sunday, March 21, 2010

YayYay !! MOther DAy~!

Happy Mother's Day!! ^O^

How is today ? what did U give Ur mom ?
^O^ Me~ I made a Small things & I think It's not that nice...
But~~ I put all my feelings In it!! & I luve U mama~! ^O^

O yeah~! & I made 2bookmarkers, 1for my friend(Jasmine, is her name, yesterday was her birthday~ ^O^ congrat's Jasmine~), the one for her is the green and black checker one, and the one with a small bow is for me~ cause I love to read Comic / Manga~ so I need a very thin things that could mark the page for me without broking the Manga/Comic.

ANd U see the burger ? I made it last year for my English Project~ ^u^

Hmm~ Today~ I tried again to make Ice-cream~ but,.... It didn't work again~ %.%
and~ I made Jelly (but it taste so plain... X.x)
I made Noodles (but I couldn't Finish it, it was a full big bowl~ #.# But It's delicious~! ^O^)
Yeah~! the last experiment was~~ THE MICROWAVED SLIDE CHEESE~!
It was so crispy!! I put a slice in for 45 minutes, and when I took it out ~!! Wow! soSo crispy~! & I ate it with tomato Sauce~! ^O^

~~~ I have a Math quiz Tomorrow~ But I think It's easy~! ^O^ (God Bless me~!)

OK then~ good night~!

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