Thursday, May 2, 2013

Childhood o0o~?

Hello everyone~! ^0^~
How have you guys been doing >o<~!?
I hope you're all fine ^w^/~
I've been preparing for exam recently ++some refreshment **anime 8'D~*
so I guess I'm fine XD~

today I'll show you guys some pictures regarding my past ^w^/~


This towel was the towel I used as a baby TTuTT!!
Big thanks to my beautiful Mom for taking care of her baby until LOL now she's... typing this LOL XD
**and her towel is as old as her too!?**no LOL just kid. XD I use this towel for le hair/face only 'w'~ cuz its softer ;)*

And this is my 1st ever phone that has camera & colored screen LOL XD!! **my 1st ever phone in my life was um...  Nokia sth OTL **I forgot the name ;.;"... ++it was stolen from my bag when I was queue-ing in cashier TT^TT!!!**I remember I keep on crying for like a month or more ORZ*

This is my 1st  ever portable game console  TTuTT~!
and yes it's still working 'u'~
*fyi*I took this picture today :P*


This one was bought by Mom ^0^/~
she got me this when I was in elementary ^w^/~ 
**now I'm a high-school-er already *sob**so old ORZ*

^this is my music box that was bought by Mom ^0^/~
I really love the tune TTuTT~!
 **Mom got this for me when I was in elementary too !! XD~!*

4th **counting from left --to--> right* is me ^u^~
**this was in a Mandarin singing competition ^0^~*
^everyone in the picture won the runner-up  prizes ^w^~

^1st on left is me~~ ^0^/~  
**this was my kinder-garden end of the year party ;u;~ **or was it graduation ? not sure O.O"...**this one was in "Kelompok Bermain Bintang Kecil"* 
Le me is the girl in yellow~ ^0^/~ **this one was the Graduation Party for Kelompok Bermain Bintang Kecil **my Mom gave this dress of mine to le cousin ;u;/~*

Le me when I was below 10 years old ^0^/~!

^me **I think I was under 5 y.o. here(?)* & le maid **Kusmiyati* ^w^/~ +  le sist & her maid  ~

Well o0o/
I guess this ends our journey to my past ;u;....
I hope you guys enjoyed it ~!

**that's^ a bonus picture ehehehe ^w^~**for more bonuses!! click 1 or 2 ^.-~*

~Have a nice day~! ^0^/~

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