Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hey Hey! it's a Water Bottle Game! ^.- ~!

How this game was invented ::
A 14 years old girl was looking around her room, and she founds LOTS of water bottle....
She become mad and started screaming to the others..........
Until one day when she sees her sister and her cousins laughing together while watching something.......


She figured out a way to reduce water loss~!!
It's the "Water Bottle Game!"
Items needed :
-Water bottle


How to play ?
-Do paper-rock-scissor (not 2 by 2, ALL TOGETHER until you'll find a loser(s))
-The loser(s) should drink a glass of water :
She/he will have 5seconds only
-Write her/his name on the paper and write a point.
-continue doing that.

How will it end ?
Game will end when the water is finish.

How do we know who is the winner ?
The one with least point will win.

!!!!!!! O yeah!
-When somebody has gained 3/5points, that person's time will be reduce to.... 3seconds only.
-If somebody can't finish the water in 5seconds, that person's time will be added to.....
8/10 seconds.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope you enjoy the game~~ ^u^


O yeah!
I forgot to tell you this....
I had my bedcover changed~~~ x3!!!
いまのつぃっむは。。。。。ばるびです!!!! x3!!!

and BTW~
these are my dolls name :::

-Janoona (the purple bear)
-Bearry (the white small bear)
-じごく -- Jigoku (Enma ai's doll>>>HANDMADE!~! x3!!!)
-Mbeeeeeeeek (the sheep)
-Teddy (Mr.Bean's bear ~! I wuv Mr.Bean! xD!!!)
-Minnie (mouse~~Mickey's girlfriend)
-Tigery (the lion)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^u^~~~

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