Monday, October 18, 2010

HW*Quiz~~ >.<~~ J'ai mal à la tête~~! %.%

this is my 1st post after the Summer Vacation~~~
x3!!! I wuv the summer Vacation (I'll make some post bout it~ ^u^, when I have time~)

NOw.... Boring School Days has started....
piles of HW & quizzes keep chasing me.....
I have nowhere to run....
the only thing I could do is....
ファいっと!! >>fight!!<<
~~ ^u^

Today I'll have to do :
-Grammar Homework
-Literature Homework
-Physics Homework
-Copy the previous classwork >>> ^.^~~ << cuz I forgot my wordbook ^.^"
-Change my math COpy Book>> cuz teacher told me too~ ;P~
-Study Vocabulary quiz
-Teach my Sist. English
-Check FBs' notifications~
-Reply some comments on Utube~
-Watch Yumeiro Patissiere Professional 3
-Updating my Twitter
-...the rest for tomorrow~~

T^T... *Hicks... Thats it~~ >> OMG! A lot %.%~~
BUt I will do My best in alllllllll of them ~! ^0^~~!

PS : O yeah!
I am making Vocaloid group (this 1 is for students in my school only ^.^")
if I have some spare times, I'll try to make one (on net~) ^u^ <<< たのしみください!^0^
(PLs look forward to it~! ^0^~)

See ya on the next post....~~~ <<< of course in my spare time~ ^u^

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