Saturday, October 23, 2010

1st trip in Gr.8~



to_m0rrow ~~
I'll go with my friends to _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
~ ^u^

PS : T^T... * HIcks.. Gakupo can't come T^T.... that's sad..~

__________O yeah!
I forgot to tell ya tHizzzzz~~
Miku : 12enma12
Rin : sakurin
Teto : _ _ _ _ _ _
Luka : _ _ _ _
Gakupo : Kanransha_IKP

these R the one @ my school~
not the net Version~
I'm gonna learn how to use Sony Vegas Pro 0.9 Movie Editor, and when I have time, I'll make the net bersion 1~! ^.- ~

A kiss for/to my Prince

~!! OMG!! I want Shion!!! x3!!!
and Anne is sooo lucky *o*...
Y can't I have an anime life !?!?!? T^T... *Hicks*Sob,,,
listen to "Doki Doki Waku Waku" song an try this lyrics I made~! ^0^~!!

HONEYS' FANS version ::

I was watching an anime as usual
but there was something different in it
I found a really cute boy with rabbit
and he is called honey-senpai!!
I just can't help myself
I just can't hold it back!
No matter how hard I tried is just so hard!
So if you are one of honeys' fans
you should click that, "Like" button!


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